Susan Walken, Sculpture, Brookgreen Nov 4-8




Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. Center for American Sculpture

Learning to sculpt The Figure in Motion is a journey to understanding how the bending, twisting, or turning of volume and mass gives a sensation of movement, held together by rhythm.  In considering the human figure, it is best to first understand how the major masses of the figure interlock with each other. The figure is like a machine and has a mechanical order and structure (Bridgman). Understanding the order and structure, combined with establishing a line of beauty, will help you create a unique sculpture with grace and motion.  Each student will be working on his own concepts which will be realized step by step, from pencil to clay.  By using the head as a unit of measure, the proper proportions of any age are easily achieved.  Knowledge of anatomy will come into play as Susan walks through the major boney landmarks of the skeleton.  This workshop is great for beginner students. There will be daily demonstrations and hands on instruction.  We will also review how to construct a solid armature.  Students are welcome to bring their works in progress for a gentle critique.

$650 plus materials fee and model’s fee.

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