Congratulations to the 38 Grand Strand artists accepted into Artfields:

1 Liz Holt Conway
2 Rachel Jones Barns Conway
3 Alexandra Knox Conway
4 Drew Smith Conway
5 Ed & Barbara Streeter Conway
6 Stuart Whitis Conway
7 Natalie Daise Georgetown
8 Sandy Hicks Georgetown
9 Anitta Martin Little River
10 Willis Whyte Little River
11 Elaine Goodman Longs
12 Gail Baillargeon Murrells Inlet
13 Scott Blaylock Murrells Inlet
14 Sandra Blood Murrells Inlet
15 Ivo Kerssemakers Murrells Inlet
16 Kate Osmond Murrells Inlet
17 Clifton Parker Murrells Inlet
18 Sandra Anderson Myrtle Beach
19 Colleen Devlin Bang Myrtle Beach
20 Neva Campbell Myrtle Beach
21 Lorraine Dauphin Myrtle Beach
22 Karen Edgar Myrtle Beach
23 Wendi Logg Myrtle Beach
24 Treelee MacAnn Myrtle Beach
25 Patricia Mariano Myrtle Beach
26 William H Miller Myrtle Beach
27 Donald Perry Myrtle Beach
28 Alex Powers Myrtle Beach
29 Joe Quinn Myrtle Beach
30 Michael Craig Smith Myrtle Beach
31 Craig Stevens Myrtle Beach
32 Terry Strawser Myrtle Beach
33 Alexander Tavernier Myrtle Beach
34 Cin Williams Myrtle Beach
35 Cheryl  Green Munn North Myrtle Beach
36 Nina Ortiz North Myrtle Beach
37 Katherine Wynn Patrick Pawleys Island
38 Brant Barrett Surfside Beach

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