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Twitter Art Exhibit 2020: MYRTLE BEACH #TAE20 Oct 15 – Mar 15


REQUIRED: Fill out the registration form

IMPORTANT: YOU CANNOT SEND A CARD TO TAE20 UNTIL YOU HAVE REGISTERED ABOVE. (By completing the registration form, you agree the terms and conditions and requirements below. Please read ALL of them carefully)

Curated By: Debanjana Bhattacharjee (@debanjana05)

Twitter Art Exhibit: Myrtle Beach 2020 #TAE20 
Benefiting Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs– HCDSN (

Show Dates: 3 April 2020 – 15 April 2020 
Opening Reception: Friday 3 April 2020 from 5pm-8pm
Ribbon Cutting: 4pm
Online Sales start from: 7 April 2020

William H. Miller Studios & Fine Art
714 Main St,
Myrtle Beach,
SC – 29577

Call for Entries: 15 October 2019 – 15 March 2020
To be included in the TAE20 Catalogue: 17 February 2020  

TAE20 Myrtle Beach Team:  

Debanjana Bhattacharjee, Curator TAE20
William H. Miller, Gallery Owner
Twitter: @whimdesigns
Susan John, Executive Director- HCDSN
Twitter: @hcdsn

Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs (HCDSN), Myrtle Beach/Conway

Every year Twitter Art Exhibit selects a local charity who will benefit from the exhibition and TAE20 has selected Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs (HCDSN) located in the Myrtle Beach/Conway area of South Carolina.

HCDSN is dedicated to providing services and supports, to individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Head and Spinal Cord Injuries all the while ensuring the person is at the center of services delivery. Their philosophy of person centeredness is aimed at helping individuals with disabilities to become the very best version of themselves. This is accomplished through vocational training, community employment, day services, advocacy, social and recreational opportunities, community involvement and through unleashing their creative spirit and passion through art.

The art program is designed to promote self-expression, social interaction and the development of peer relationships through various art classes. The program began with art lessons and has evolved to include pottery classes with the local Art Museum. Improvement in hand eye coordination, visual acuity and self-esteem has been witnessed by so many of the individuals who participate. Individuals with significant intellectual and physical challenges have realized significant emotional and personal growth through their involvement in the arts. Participants also have the availability to showcase their visual artwork for exhibition and sale at the annual Canvas and Cocktails reception and fundraiser.

Proceeds from TAE20 will enable Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs to develop and extend the art program to offer additional art classes but enhance the individual’s opportunity to also engage in state-wide community art exhibitions.

Twitter: @hcdsn 
Facebook: @Horry County Disabilities & Special Needs



Pay special attention to the materials, size and mediums requirements described below. Artwork that does not meet these requirements will be unfortunately rejected.

1) The best way to be involved with TAE is to have a Twitter account. Make sure to follow @twitrartexhibit and @hcdsn, as well as the hashtag #TAE20. This year, we are accepting artists with Instagram art accounts, but please be aware that the majority of our communication is done via Twitter, as this is where the TAE ‘family’ mostly resides and where the project began.
2) Fill out the registration formPLEASE GIVE US EITHER A TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM handle, or your registration will not be valid. When you have registered to take part, you will be sent a confirmation email with more information about where to send your finished postcard. (If you cannot find this email please check spam. There are times when our automated email is blocked by certain email editors. Please get in touch with us at our email and we will resend it to you).
3) Create a postcard-sized ORIGINAL piece of art. Standard postcard sizes are required: 6.3 x 4.7 inches or 16×12 cm  (please see detailed size, medium & material requirements below). Only ONE per artist please.
4) Include completed information* Print off the form which will be sent with the registration confirmation email and stick to back of card with the required information. Please also complete the exhibition label which will be exhibited with your card in BLOCK CAPITALS. *Please note, the above-mentioned information will be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on exhibition labels. This is how we identify artists and their work and is an integral part of the process. If you do not want this information shared, please do not participate.
5) Mail your postcard in an envelope via Regular First Class Mail (or international equivalent). Information about the address to send the card to will be found in the confirmation email sent to you, once you have registered.

Postage: Please be aware that mailing work from around the world can take a long time to arrive and plan for this accordingly, and also note that we cannot be held responsible for lost entries in the mail. Any entry received post exhibition deadline may not be hung in the exhibition, but will be included in the online sales.

We suggest you post a pic of your card on Twitter before mailing it, and use the hashtag #TAE20 so that we can share the artwork too. Our Twitter account is @twitrartexhibit. Please follow us! We appreciate RT’s and mentions.


Avoid surfaces that couldn’t be considered postcard material (canvas or canvas board, wood, ceramic, etc.). Thick, good quality paper is preferred, but thin cardboard will also do. Sketch or print paper is much too flimsy and will not be accepted. Keep in mind, the postal service isn’t generally recognized for “gentle handling” and we want your postcard to sell and to be in the best shape possible, so make sure to ship it in an stiff envelope and pack it well for the journey. Sandwiching it between two pieces of light card works well.

Postcards must be signed, handmade ORIGINALS in any of the following 2D mediums: Watercolour, acrylic, oil, ink, gouache, mixed media, encaustic, collage, pencil, charcoal and pastel. we also accept fabric and felted artwork but please back it ont a rigid pice of card. Please use spray fixative for loose mediums and remember to properly prime/gesso your surfaces if you work with oils, allowing them to fully dry before shipping. Every year we have to peel artwork out of envelopes that has stuck!

Linocuts, etchings, silkscreen, woodcuts, lithographs (printmaking) are accepted if they are the correct size, hand-signed and originals. We also accept Digital Art this year if it is of a high standard, an original created for TAE and printed to a high quality on the required paper or card.

NOT ALLOWED:  A printed promotional postcard does not constitute an original piece of art and will not be accepted. And please, nothing perishable, toxic or otherwise harmful. NO VERY THICK 3D postcards! These cannot not be hung in the exhibition.


This is an exhibition of postcard art, so your artwork should resemble a postcard (art on one side, your info on the other). For the overall look of the exhibition, it’s important that the cards are close to each other in size. This is key to including as many cards as possible. The required size is 6.3 x 4.7 inches (16 x 12 cm). A printable guide is provided with the email that you will receive once registered which you must cut out and fill in and attach to the rear of the card.


Any professional or amateur artist in reach of our voice is invited! Although there is no jury and no theme set, please send your best work and please comply with our requirements for scale, mediums and subject matter.


As the TAE events are open to the public and families with children may be present , we ask that you consider making the subject matter appropriate for ALL audiences and that no artwork with an offensive or an ‘adult’ theme be submitted. The definition of “offensive’ and “appropriate” is obviously up for debate, but please use common sense. The Curator and the TAE board has the right to not accept any piece of artwork into TAE20 that does not comply with the above requirements.

Please send only ONE card per artist. The number of cards shown will depend on overall participation and available space. Our goal is to show one card per participating artist, and cards may have to be rotated, or replaced as they are sold. Please understand that the exhibition is a piece of art in itself, and that it will be up to the organizers to ensure the show ”works.” So please send only one card per artist, and enter early. Additional cards sent to us will simply be donated to the charity to use for further fundraising. NO donated card is ever thrown away and is treated with great respect!


Postcards MUST be received by end of day on the 15 March 2020 to be included in the exhibition. Any entries after this will not be exhibited, but will still be made available to buy online. To be included in the TAE20 Catalogue, which will be available to buy on the opening night, your card will need to be in Myrtle Beach by the 17 February, 2020.  Allow at least 10 -14 business days for shipping. We are always amazed how long the cards can take to arrive. PLEASE send off your card as soon as you can to avoid the upset of it not arriving in time and not being used in the exhibition! PLEASE remember to mark your card as a GIFT or of ZERO value on the customs declaration so that an import fee is not incurred for the charity!

As this is an exhibition for charity, there is no fee to enter. Every participant, from artist to organizer, is involved on a voluntary, unpaid basis. The goal is to share our collective talents for a good cause. If you would like, however, to make a donation with your postcard, to help fund the work that the TAE team do each year, then please see the DONATION section below. (Please note: this money would NOT transferred to the charity, but is for the expenses incurred by the TAE and curator in setting up the exhibition).

The sale price will be $35 per card or 4 for $120. Many, if not all of these cards are worth a lot more, we know, but this will allow more of the public to purchase them and raise the required funds for the charity.



Please ship your work, well protected in a stiff envelope (bubble padded envelopes do not work well as the cards bend in them) via regular first class mail as this worked best in past exhibitions. The address to send the card to will be in the email you will receive, once you have registered.

Do NOT mark your card with a value if asked to on a customs document. Mark as A GIFT or of NO VALUE, otherwise the charity may be charged import duty. 



1) Copy the image and send out a Twitter shout-out using the hashtag #TAE20 (check your Twitter account for your mention).
2) Post it to an album on our Facebook page at (visit us to see if your card has arrived).
3) Post it on our Instagram page as part of a compilation at

Please could we kindly ask you NOT to contact us to ask if your card has arrived. It is time consuming for the volunteers to check through arrivals outside the normal process. Please be patient and keep an eye on your Twitter notifications, TAE Facebook Page and our Instagram account. If you have not heard from us, after a long time, that your card has arrived, then please certainly get in touch with us or the curator.

All work received will be considered a donation and will not be returned to the sender, even if it remains unsold. Any unsold art will be donated to the charity to use for further fundraising efforts or as a memory of the support received. (i.e. some charities create a mural with remaining pieces to commemorate the event).

We will have online sales of the postcard starting from 7 April 2020. Please keep an eye on our Twitter/ Facebook page.

DONATIONS: The TAE has always been run by volunteers giving up considerable time to make the event run smoothly and hopefully raise as much funds as possible for the chosen charity. A lot of the money needed to put on the exhibition and pay for materials etc is raised through sponsorship and donations.

If you would like to give a voluntary DONATION to the expenses of the TAE then please use the link below to send money via PayPal. (Please note: this money would NOT be transferred to the charity, but is for the expenses incurred by the TAE board in setting up the exhibition).

90% of the funds raised, by the sale of postcards at a Twitter Art Exhibit, go to the chosen charity with 10% going to TAE organization to cover running and maintenance costs. Benefiting organizations are vetted by Twitter Art Exhibit’s curators, as well as by our organizing board. One of our biggest concerns is doing our due diligence and we take every precaution to make sure our initiative does not exploit anybody.


  • Entrants grant Twitter Art Exhibit, a non-exclusive license to use images of their work, in print and online, internationally, in perpetuity.
  • Copyright for submitted works remains the property of the entrant.
  • When an image is used, the artist will be acknowledged.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to apply a watermark to digital images.
  • Images may be used for commercial purposes by Twitter Art Exhibit.
  • ATTRIBUTION: Artists will be credited both online, and alongside their physical artworks, when on display.
  • PRIVACY: All personal information collected by the Organisers will be used solely for the purpose of the organisation of the Twitter Art Exhibition.
  • By participating in Twitter Art Exhibit (in any country), you agree to our terms. This means any art submitted to this exhibition can be sold to raise money for our chosen charities, with 90% of proceeds from art sales going directly to the charity and 10% going to TAE organization to cover running and maintenance costs. In addition, your art could be featured commercially in a publication or printed materials, which may be sold to help raise funds to help cover the organization’s operating costs.

If you do not agree with any of these terms, we respectfully ask you to refrain from participating in the event.

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