The Grand Strand Art Trail is Here!

The Grand Strand Art Trail is Here!

The Arts Grand Strand along with 18 fine art galleries and 3 “artsy” restaurants has formed our very own “Art Trail”!

Hop in the car, take a drive, see beautiful things, challenge your mind and enjoy gourmet dining! The Arts Grand Strand has started the area’s first Art Trail with 18 fine art galleries and 3 restaurants participating. Laid out on a 4X9 rack card, the Art Trail stretches the entire 60 mile length of the Grand Strand from Calabash to Conway to Georgetown.

The purpose of the trail, like those in other cities, is to provide art lovers with an easy-to-follow map to see much of the best artwork in the area, most of which is for sale. For visitors (or even long time residents) this is an easy way to discover some of the finer things on the Grand Strand.

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is distributing 10,000 of the cards at the airport to arriving visitors. The airport welcome center is the first thing visitors encounter after picking up their bags. Another 10,000 cards are being distributed by the participants at their locations and at special events. You can see the card with all the locations and information on

The participating restaurants, Collectors Cafe and Gallery, The Art Bar and Perrones are not only top notch restaurants but excellent galleries as well, plus they are nicely spaced from north to center to south.

This fall, will begin guided tours of the trail.

The Grand Strand Art Trail     The Grand Strand Art Trail

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