Sunday Jazz with Guitarist John Ware & Friends

Sunday Jazz with Guitarist John Ware & Friends

Sunday Jazz with John Ware, guitarist and invited guest performers every Sunday from 5-8 at The SoundHouse, a new venue in Shallotte, NC at 3610 Express Dr. (Hwy 17).

The SoundHouse prides itself on providing a venue for artists who are creating and producing their own work and aims to bring art culture to a new level, while providing a fun and family-friendly place for audiences to enjoy performance art.

“(We are) acutely aware of the need for artists to have a place to express themselves which is respectful of their work”, says co-owner and songwriter/producer, Tina Smith. “We are extremely excited about our space. Our stage is the center of the universe here.”

The SoundHouse is the work of Tina Smith and James (Jamie) Semmens, an artist specializing in industrial art and design. The design element of the venue has a steam punk feel, with custom floors, bar top and tabletops, as well as art displays,  all designed by Mr. Semmens and executed by both artists. Serving craft ale and wine, as well as soft drinks and coffee for non-drinkers, The SoundHouse is passionate about promoting music and arts culture to all ages.

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