New literary group forming!

Matthew Dapitan,  February 3 at 11:14pm
Greetings of peace and prosperity!

I am seeking a number of folks who would like to start a bi-monthly literature workshop and visual art gathering.

Vibes, a regular poet at Fresh Brewed started day one and I personally would like to keep that artist community spirit alive and active. Its just a matter of looking for more like minded folks who would want to give and receive Passages of their time, their stories and their passions.

Everyone is welcome to participate!

The theme changes every two weeks. Laureate (or leader) of the month gets to choose a one-word theme at a time. Laureate is chosen by the laureate who precedes him or her. I’ll be glad to give out 100% to volunteer as first Laureate to jump-start Passages.

The rest would go from there.

These are just a few pubs that may help visualize the visions that I hope to see.

Feel free to comment and communicate or message me whoever is interested. I will respond as soon as time wills it.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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