New digs and times for Rebecca Zdybel’s Studio

New Year, New Studio , New Classes!

by Rebecca Zdybel

The end of the year brought with it the end of an era…the time of teaching at home in my cozy little studio is over.  Zoning prohibitions and cranky neighbors combined to force some changes.  As I faced the roadblock, I had a choice of how to deal with it.

I could stop teaching, but I love my students and relish our little art tribe, so that was not an acceptable option.

I could fight the community zoning and rail against the folks who complained about my teaching at home, but I don’t want to spend my energy dealing with negativity.

I needed to pivot and try to move around the roadblock.  However, no obvious solution was there.

All through the month of December I tried to trust that everything would work out…and hoped that maybe it might even work out for the best.  🙏

What happened?  Beautiful things happened!  Friends offered me the use of their studios…what a gift!  I received all kinds of encouragement and support from fellow artists, students, neighbors, and even those outside the art community. How wonderful is that?!. But wait, it gets even better!

I spent the time between the holidays trying to visualize my ideal solution, and it seemed as if my own studio or a shared studio would be my dream.  Sometimes I felt as if I was winging it, other times I hoped that my heart’s cry would somehow attract the perfect solution…

I believe in the power of declaring your dreams and visualizing your goals.  That’s why setting goals and day dreaming are routine parts of my process…in art and in life.


The New Year rolled around, and the heavens actually answered my cry 💫  Along came a brand new opportunity to rent a studio and share it (for at least a little while) with a talented and sweet fellow artist!  How immediate, and how miraculous does that seem???!!! After investigating this studio and what it has to offer, guess what?  The space meets every one of my ideals for a dream studio! Miracles do happen folks!!  I can’t wait to show it to you in person…but first I have to move in!!

What does that mean for the future?  For now it means that all my January classes will be held in the new studio.  If you’ve signed up for class, please note this change.  I will follow up with emails to those who’ve signed up, but even if my scheduling app tells you differently, this is the correct address for all January 2018 Classes:

New Studio Location:

9713 N Kings Hwy Unit 207, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29572  

(Located in Restaurant Row south of the Waterway Hills Golf Course and across from Thoroughbreds restaurant.  

There is an elevator near Jersey Mikes and you can take the walkway overlooking the waterway out back to the studio entrance 😊

For those of you who have offered me your support and love during this time, my heart is overflowing with gratitude!!  Thank you for sharing this journey with me.  I can’t wait to see what wonderful opportunities await us all in the new space!  I hope you’ll consider coming to play in the paint with me one day soon.  If you’d like to sign up for an upcoming class, I will be teaching on Tuesday afternoons and all day on Wednesdays during January.  Here is a link to sign up via my scheduling app:

The class schedule may change in February, so stay tuned to my newzletter, blog, Instagram and Facebook posts for updates.  I hope to be sharing pictures of the new space very soon.  Let me know if you’ve had similar experiences with inviting solutions to your problems through prayer and invitation.  I love sharing our stories.

Love and Light,

Myrtle Beach Artist Rebecca Zdybel

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