Jerry Dalton, Founder, Director, MB Int’l Film Festival April 17-21 7

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7 thoughts on “Jerry Dalton, Founder, Director, MB Int’l Film Festival April 17-21

  • Howard

    Jerry Dalton is an amazing person and his dedication to the arts is abundant. Our family has attended many film festivals, Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca, to name a few and the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival is by far the best festival because films are selected based on the quality. It is a true Independent International Film Festival!

  • Bill

    My wife and I have made the trip from AZ to Myrtle Beach to see this film festival every year since finding it. It is by far the best festival we have ever attended and we have been going to festivals for years. It is also the absolute best bargain.

  • Barbara Bernstein

    My husband Ira and I come to this fabulous festival every year. After reading an article about Mr. Dalton and the festival in the Hollywood Reporter we knew we had to attend! Phenomenal films that stir the soul.

  • Dupre

    First of all let me say, this man is a genius and a true champion of the arts. I first attended this festival in South Haven MI and it was sold out. I met so many art enthusiasts and genuine artistic people that I departed the event inspired and renewed! After this magnificent experience I felt the urgency to attend the festival in its home town of Myrtle Beach. I was taken back that the event had not sold completely out. I was further disgusted that people had the nerve to request free tickets as if the price was not reasonable enough already! I am a woman of a certain age, born in Paris and I have traveled the world, I assure you will never find an event of this nature any where else and certainly not for the price. Furthermore, if it is not supported you will lose this treasure and in turn will be spoon fed the same garbage you can see anywhere.

    • Jerry Dalton

      Anastasia Dupre,

      Thank you for your kind words and support. I remember meeting you in South Haven during the festival, and then again reconnecting at last years festival. You are truly a beautiful lady inside and out! Heather and I look forward to more conversation with you in a week!
      Your friend in art! Jerry

  • Lou Diamond

    The Wilshire Boulevard Temple is a national treasure. The film about the temple is to be showcased next Friday. It is called “Restoring Tomorrow” .. I will be flying out from Santa Barbara next week to make sure that I am there in the audience. I was there last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thanks again Jerry Dalton for enriching my golden years. Truly a marvelous experience.

  • spacemovs

    Market Common is a great venue you can walk right out of the theatre to some great dining, shopping, maybe even sit on a bench and listen to some music then come back in and catch some more movies, this is the preeminent theatre here in Myrtle Beach, Director MB International Film Festival Jerry Dalton said.