Art Museum: The Scape of Water

Some of nature’s greatest scenic views are those of water. In addition to the numerous artistic styles and media employed to represent water—hyper-realism, abstraction, surrealism, minimalism or classicism in paint, graphite and paper collage or sculpted in stone—there are numerous points of view from which to compose one’s depiction. Water and its environs are always changing—never looking exactly the same from one second to the next. Perhaps this is why artists continually, throughout the history of art, have turned to the waterscape as subject matter.

The Scape of Water is a Museum Permanent Collection exhibition of works that portray water from a diverse array of media and perspectives, including aerial or atmospheric, linear and birds-eye view. We invite you to gaze at this very serene and meditative collection of art and ponder man’s endless urge to visually portray this ever-changing but constant life force that both sustains and intrigues us.

the work:

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