Bordering on Abstraction

Art Museum: Bordering on Abstraction

October 3 – December 15, 2019

Featuring 11 works of art of varying sizes and media from the Museum’s Permanent Collection, Bordering on Abstraction is an exhibition of works that do just that: border the line between abstraction and representational or figurative art. Ranging from collage and painting in 2D to ceramics and even paintings on bone in 3D, Bordering on Abstraction will demonstrate that fine line in artistic representation between what the eye can make out as something identifiable – like a landscape, human figure or still life – and that which we cannot identify as anything other than shapes, lines and/or marks.

Artists represented in the exhibit include Mark Flowers, Steven Forbes-deSoule, Jonathan Green, Richard Hagerty, Kincheloe, Kathryn Marin, Philip Mullen,  Christ Ritsch, Brian Rutenberg and Eleanor Sebring.

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