Craig Sorrells Project at House of Blues thru June

We are local but I am from the Upstate of South Carolina. Relocated here 3 years ago. “Jazz” is such a generalized term. I am a horn player with degrees in jazz performance. I also am the bandleader and frontman for my band. Do I consider what we do to be a form of jazz? ABSOLUTELY!!! Our entire show is based off of improvisation with all of my roots being based off former jazz greats and the music and culture of New Orleans, Louisiana, And with a heavy influence also in blues, southern rock, Funk, and soul music! I was voted jazz artists of the year in 2015 by the South Carolina Music Awards, And the band also has been awarded SCMA live band of the year as well. Now, with all that being said, if you come see us play will you hear us performing jazz standards? No…we currently do not have any standards in our songlist. However, you will hear plenty of jazz, I assure you!

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