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Brookgreen 2019 Educational Offerings


With the establishment of the Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. Center for American Sculpture, Brookgreen Gardens extended its educational reach to a broader audience with workshops in sculpture and drawing under the tutelage of nationally known sculptors throughout the year. To contact our sculpture department, click here and choose “sculpture” on the contact form.

2019 Martha Wallace Pellett Master Sculptor Program Residencies, Workshops, Lectures, and Events


March 23 – April 6 – Spring Sculptor in Residence, Robert Stutler

September 21 – October 5 – Fall Sculptor in Residence, Bart Walter, FNSS

Exhibits in the Rainey Sculpture Pavilion

January 26 – March 31 – Birds in Art-traveling exhibit

April 13 – May 5 – Curator’s Auction Exhibit (auction held on May 3)

May 18 – July 28 – Rising American Stars and Pellett Master Sculptors, 2017-2019

August 10 – October 27 – National Sculpture Society 86th Annual Awards Exhibition

November 23 – January 1, 2020 – Annual Holiday Exhibits

Lectures, Demonstrations, and Events

January 23 – Wreckers, Pirates, and Smugglers: From Salvage to Consumption – lecture by Coastal Carolina University Visiting Scholar Dr. Jamie Goodall, 11:00am, Welcome Center Conference Room, call for reservation, 843-235-6016

February 23 – Poster Session with archaeology students of Dr. David Palmer, Coastal Carolina University, 11:00am, Welcome Center Conference Room, call for reservation, 843-235-6016

March 6 – 10 – Curator’s Circle travel program to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM, $2,000 (includes admissions, most meals, ground transportation) plus airfare and hotel

March 10 – Huntington “3-in-1 Day” Celebration, ticketed event, Atalaya in Huntington Beach State Park, purchase ticket at state park

March 30 – Public talk/powerpoint by Sculptor in Residence Robert Stutler, 3:00 pm, Lowcountry Auditorium, call for reservation, 843-235-6016

April 28 – 2019 Brookgreen Medal debut and public talk/powerpoint by sculptor Janice Mauro, 3:30 pm, Welcome Center Conference Room, call for reservation, 843-235-6016

July 13 – Public program, 10:00am, TBD, call for reservation, 843-235-6016

July 13 – Share Your History on Brookgreen’s Birthday, 1:00-4:30 pm, Lowcountry Center Auditorium, must call for reservation, 843-235-6012

September 27 – Public talk/powerpoint by Sculptor in Residence Bart Walter, Welcome Center Conference Room, 3:00pm, call for reservation, 843-235-6016

Most programs are free with regular admission.  Additional lectures and programs are planned that relate to temporary exhibitions in the Rainey Sculpture Pavilion and other events.


February 19 – 23        Modeling Animals with Rod Zullo, FNSS, $650 plus materials’ fee

Students choose their subjects – horses, dogs, or whatever inspires them.  They will be taught how to build a fast, effective armature, and will be encouraged to see their pieces through to the finish.  Rod Zullo’s philosophy of knowing how to start a piece and to finish it will be emphasized.

March 11 – 15       Forensic Facial Reconstruction with Roy Paschal, $650 plus materials fee

This workshop is for aspiring crime scene investigators and those interested in art.  The course will be taught by Roy Paschal, a well-known forensic artist, retired from the South Carolina State Crime Laboratory.  “The class is a good match for a variety of disciplines – those interested in facial anatomy, sculpting, law enforcement investigation, or general interest,” Paschal said.  Students will have the method seen on popular crime television dramas at their fingertips as they learn the 3-D technique of facial reconstruction.  This process allows a face to be constructed using modeling clay.  A skull casting from an actual forensic case will be used for the class.  At the conclusion of the course, students will be provided with a photograph of the victim to determine the accuracy of their reconstruction.  Law enforcement often uses this technique as a method to identify unknown individuals.  Museums have also used this method for historical recreations.

March 25 – 29       Developing a Portrait Sculpture in the Round with Spring Sculptor in Residence Robert Stutler, $650 plus materials and model’s fee

The act of developing a portrait sculpture from life means being able to accurately record your observations while at the same time communicating the essential qualities and spirit of the sitter. In this workshop students will work at a life size scale using water base clay and will be exposed to clay modeling techniques and variety of observational methods that need to be made in order to achieve a convincing portrait sculpture. This workshop includes daily demonstrations from the instructor as well as individual critiques of student work.  All skill levels are welcome.

April 23 – 27        Bas-Relief: From Clay, to Plaster, to Patinas with Janice Mauro, FNSS, $650 plus materials fee

Students will be guided through the process of sculpting a Brookgreen landscape in low relief (maximum size approximately 9”x12”) using water-based clay and making a plaster mold of the clay relief in order to create multiple plaster casts of the image.  You can then revise each cast to create different versions of your original design.  You will patinate your reliefs using various color finishes, such as dry pigments and other materials, and will learn new techniques and materials to bring your work to life.

April 29 – May 3       Birds in Sculpture with Sandy Scott, FNSS $650, plus materials fee

The class begins with a discussion of bird anatomy, the principles of aerodynamics, and how to achieve the illusion of movement in sculptures of birds in flight.  Students will learn how to construct an armature for blocking-in birds in flight.  Sandy Scott will help students determine the difference between a sculpture that is technically adequate and one that has spirit and life.  All aspects of modeling in oil-based clay will be explored and beginning students are welcome.  Students will learn the importance of assembling strong, meaningful shapes and how eliminating unimportant details can create the bird’s essence.  Students will work from photography, drawings, field guides, and videotapes of birds in flight.  Above all, armature building, assembling reference for a specific species, aerodynamics, anatomy, and creating art is the focus.  Sandy has instructed bird sculpture for over 30 years and is recognized as one of America’s leading wildlife artists.

May 6 – 10         Mold-making with Trish Smith, $650, plus materials fee

Learn the process of making a simple piece mold with a master mold-maker.  Bring completed, small sculptures in oil-base clay with no undercuts from which to make a mold.  Heads, small animals, or small birds with folded wings are ideal.  If you do not have a suitable sculpture to bring, sculptor Sandy Scott will work with you on the first day of the workshop to model an owl or hawk head study.

May 20 – 24       Sculpting the Large Female Reclining Figure with Peter Rubino, $650, plus materials and model fees

Peter Rubino will lead students on a technical and artistic journey toward understanding the dynamic and creative forces in sculpting a 30-to-36-inch reclining figure in clay.  Beginners are welcome.  Utilizing Peter’s guiding principles (Position, Proportion, Planes) combined with easy to follow step by step instructions, students will learn how to “see in the round” and create dramatic expressions in clay.  Lessons will also include studies of hands and feet, plus you will explore various surface texture treatments and tooling techniques.  Students will learn how to prepare their finished clay pieces for firing and how to apply a simple, hand-painted patina.  Peter’s upbeat and positive teaching approach encourages students to discover their own personal artistic style.  He says: “We don’t make mistakes, we make adjustments.”

June 3 – 7            Anatomy Studies – Observational Dissection with Wesley Wofford, FNSS, $650 plus materials

This five-day intensive workshop will focus specifically on applying the foundational knowledge of underlying structural anatomy to a live model.  Each participant will build various armatures and sculpt multiple studies with oil-based or water-based clay.  We will focus on how the topography of the human body changes directly relating to positioning.  We will work on isolated portions of the body, study the underlying muscle and bone structures, and translate that knowledge base – paired with direct live model observations – into the clay.  Teaching methods will primarily be armature building and sculpture demonstrations showing a variety of clay modeling techniques. The course will also include brief lectures and discussions and a guided tour of historic examples within the Brookgreen Collection.  This course is appropriate for beginning or advanced students of sculpture, and each participant will receive instruction based on their specific skill levels.

June 24 – 28        Modeling the Head, Hands and Feet with Dora Natella, FNSS, $650, plus materials, model’s fees

This intensive workshop focuses on creating a portrait from direct observation of a live model, including the study of hands and feet using water-based clay. Dora Natella will demonstrate step by step a series of skills needed to create a more convincing and expressive form. In particular, we will address proportions, balance, and anatomical structures that create or influence surface form. During the first day or two, Dora will provide several sculpture demos in clay. During the last three days, she will assist students and provide individual feedback on their progress. This is a mixed level workshop that is open to students of all levels including beginners.

August 12 – 16       Make Your Own Brookgreen Medal with Heidi Wastweet, NSS, $650, plus materials fee

A single-sided art medal is a bite-size project that can be done in four days.  On the first day, Heidi Wastweet will take students around the grounds to take their own reference photos.  Then there will be two-and-a-half days of sculpting and a half day of mold-making.  For an additional fee of $100 to cover the cost of casting, patina, and shipping, she will send your piece to a foundry and ship to you a finished bronze medal.  Those who don’t want a bronze can take home a plaster cast.

September 9 – 13          Developing the Sculptor’s Eye with Simon Kogan, FNSS, $650, plus materials, model’s fees

Energy, action, movement, and feeling in sculpture are not a theatrical mask or a symbolic gesture – they are pieces of a deep, hidden secret to be discovered and brought to life.  We will learn how to see more in a model than just a tedious account of features and details.  We will uncover hidden emotions in mundane poses and turn them into remarkable, exciting sculpture.  We will find whispering movement and turn it into pronounced action.  We will see how motion and character are tied to anatomy and structure, and how they define both possibilities and limitations.  We will be working with a model, using the material of your choice (oil clay, water clay).  The class will be a focused study in anatomical and figurative sculpture, sculpting from life with the goal of enhancing understanding of structure, composition, and sculpting technique.  Students will produce many sculptures, 8” to 14” tall, quick and juicy.  Students will discover the connection between clay choice and the mood of the sketch.  Transforming a lump of clay into an exciting dynamic form is magical. Together, we will develop an eye that uncovers these secrets.

September 30 – October 4   Animal Sculpture with Fall Sculptor in Residence Bart Walter, FNSS, $650, plus materials fee

Students will understand the connections between animal anatomy and behavior.  They will learn how to create a sense of movement in sculpture and the importance of capturing gesture in figurative sculpture (of animals and people).  Lastly, students will learn to observe live animals, and work directly from life.

October 21 – 25        The Portrait and Figure in Relief Sculpture with Eugene Daub, FNSS, $650 plus materials fee

Selecting an appropriate photo to work from is a critical factor in relief.  This workshop will help you make the correct selection and will take you through the many ways to approach your subject in relief.  You will also learn how to make a mold and a cast of your project.  There will be a portrait demonstration and a figure demonstration.  If time allows, there also will be a patina demonstration. 

November 4 – 8           The Figure in Motion with Susan Wakeen, $650 plus materials fee and model’s fee

Learning to sculpt The Figure in Motion is a journey to understanding how the bending, twisting, or turning of volume and mass gives a sensation of movement, held together by rhythm.  In considering the human figure, it is best to first understand how the major masses of the figure interlock with each other. The figure is like a machine and has a mechanical order and structure (Bridgman). Understanding the order and structure, combined with establishing a line of beauty, will help you create a unique sculpture with grace and motion.  Each student will be working on his own concepts which will be realized step by step, from pencil to clay.  By using the head as a unit of measure, the proper proportions of any age are easily achieved.  Knowledge of anatomy will come into play as Susan walks through the major boney landmarks of the skeleton.  This workshop is great for beginner students. There will be daily demonstrations and hands on instruction.  We will also review how to construct a solid armature.  Students are welcome to bring their works in progress for a gentle critique.

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Registration and Payment

Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  A registration fee of $150 is required upon registration.  A student is not on the class list until the fee is paid.  After attending one workshop, students may receive a 10% tuition discount for attendance in subsequent workshops during the same year.  Students are asked to provide a complete mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address when registering.  Using American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card, students may register by telephone, Mondays-Fridays, at (800) 849-1931, ext. 6012, or at (843) 235-6012.  Checks are to be made payable to Brookgreen Gardens and can be sent to: Brookgreen Gardens, Attn: Sculpture Workshops, PO Box 3368, Pawleys Island, SC 29585.  Contact for additional information. The full class listing is also found at  A waiting list is established once a class has filled.

Withdrawals, Cancellations and Refund Policies

Withdrawal from a workshop must be in writing and must be given at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the workshop.  We prefer to apply the registration fee to a future workshop but, if this is not possible, it will be refunded.  If a student withdraws during a workshop, a pro-rated tuition payment plus any fees for materials or models must be paid.  The full registration fee ($150) will be kept if a student does not attend and does not provide a written notice of withdrawal by the deadline.  Students will receive a full refund in the event that a workshop must be cancelled by Brookgreen Gardens.

Levels of Skill

All workshops require students to have basic familiarity with the subject matter of the class.

Supplies, Books and Additional Fees

A supply list of required materials will be sent approximately three weeks prior to the start of each workshop.  Students may not bring their own clay to the workshop unless the instructor has specified it.  If recommended, students are encouraged to obtain books prior to the workshop.  Some materials for workshops are provided and some workshops require models, both for additional fees.  In the event additional fees are required, they are determined at cost and divided evenly among the students.

  Daily Schedule

Although each sculpture workshop begins and ends at the instructor’s discretion, the schedule is generally 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on the first day, and 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on subsequent days, which provides six hours of instruction per day.  One hour is allowed for lunch.  In order to keep to the schedule, students are encouraged to bring their own bag lunches or to use Brookgreen food service facilities.  Refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, water-cooler, and vending machines are located at the Campbell Center.

Questions?: Robin R. Salmon, VP of Art and Historical Collections and Curator of Sculpture (843) 235-6012; or

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