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Antique African Mortar and Pestles

Wm Miller's Gallery Opening & Summer Activities

Video of C. Baum photos of Mr. Coty, Ruth Cox and C. Baum with her sister Regina Ward, esq. F1RST FRIDAY ARTWALK July 7th, August 4th, September 1st 4-8PM Looking for something new and exciting to do this weekend? Please come join us for our First Friday ArtWalk. This will be on first of every month, opening Myrtle Beach downtown, supporting local business and creative entrepreneurs. You can come to William H. Miller Studio and pick up a brochure, to discover your local artist. Save the dates for future First Friday Artworks on you calender featuring the Main Street 10 artists. The month of July on Friday the 7th the gallery will feature "Make Art Great Again" & several Main Street 10 Artists painting live. The month of August on Friday 4th will feature the landscape work of local artist, Michael Perrucci. Save the date for the September 1st First Friday ArtWalk where the Second Annual Black & White Art Show will be featured. The ArtWalks are the First Friday of each month from 4-8PM Black & White Show Two August 25th - September 4th Mon - Sat 1-5PM The Second Annual Black & White Art Show. This popular art show will contain pieces from all forms of art in black and white. It will run from August 25th through September 4th 2017. The artist reception will be during the first Friday Artwalk Friday, September 1st, 2017 4-8PM . CALL FOR ARTISTS: If you would like to enter the show the drop off for artist is Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 11-6pm. Work less than 24" have an entry fee of $10, works exceeding 24" are $20 entry fee. Work sales will be a 80/20 split. Due to the popularity of this show artists are limited to two pieces. If you artwork is not for sale and would just like to represent it it would be an additional $20 hanging. All art does not sell pick up is September 5th 1-5PM. . Excited to announce that the WHM Foundation Project is now already half way through its FIFTH Year. This is the project sponsored by patrons who in exchange for monthly contributions get handmade cards, artwork or Billy Bucks. Contact me for more details if you would like to be a patron. Many of the Patrons get Holiday Abstracts Cards (12 cards) in November to have unique artists cards to send out in the season for those special artsy friends. It is not too late to sign up for your set.

Rice Museum OPENING July 15 - Celia Wester and Kay Lybrand

Kay Lybrand is a native of Columbia, SC currently residing in Pawleys Island.  "My work is inspired by nature.  I choose my subject matter to explore color, mood and the overall theme.  Having grown up in South Carolina, I spent much time on the coast and fell in love with the soft and ever-changing light, particularly in the marshes.  For me, the mystery of the landscape is a metaphor for life - full of transitions, both subtle and dramatic, soft and delicate, others more severe.  My goal is to translate in paint the realism and abstraction and let them merge and co-exist in a beautiful way. Celia Wester moved to Georgetown from her native Charlotte, NC in 2001, changing her artistic focus to fine art.  With a versatile style, working in various mediums she enjoys presenting detailed imagery and color, whether the subject is whimsical or photo-realistic. Her focus has been photography, painting local scenery and shorebirds.  The colors, textures and patterns of nature are the focus of everything in her subject matter.  Her goal is to cause the bystander to be in awe of everything around them and to not miss the flower for a view of the garden.

Cultural Council of Georgetown

Tommy Beaver this July at Cultural Council of Georgetown Co. 922 Front St. Georgetwon

Sunset River Marketplace

Cindy Lassiter gives us a tour of her Sunset River Gallery, Calabash, NC.

Sunset River Marketplace July - Aug

POV: Abstraction. Works by Ginny Lassiter thru July 8 Fresh from showing at the Arts Council in Wilson, NC, Ginny brings her exhibition of abstract acrylics back to the beach. She has a keen eye and uses a limited palette adeptly, the result being a body of work with rich coloration and an architectural feel. Although she graduated from East Carolina University with a major in art, Ginny didn’t start painting seriously until 2013 when she sat in on a workshop with North Carolina artist Sterling Edwards. “He really pushed me to develop my own voice, my own art,” she says. She also credits her design instructor at East Carolina, the late Warren Chamberlain. “With his help, I learned the importance of spontaneity and the value in limiting my palette. It keeps the work from becoming too busy.” Tarheel Wandering: a Journey In Black & White Works by Raine Middleton Through July 29th Lincoln County, NC artist Raine Middleton follows a path of creativity originally taken by her ancestors. She throws porcelain on the pottery wheel, painting the piece in black slip. She paints her designs freehand on each piece and then carves out the background. This ancient technique is called Sgraffito and Middleton is a master. Coming August 1 - Sept. 9: Take a Little Coast Home With You - our invitational exhibition of small seascape and coastal scenes designed especially for visitors. Just pop one in your suitcase and take it home with you! Reception August 3! Upcoming Workshops & Classes potter jane truesdale Pottery Instructor Jane Truesdale Classes We offer classes for every level! Ruth Cox teaches her multi-level Oil & Acrylics class on Wednesday afternoon and two sessions on Friday. Beginners welcome! Ginny Lassiter presents her innovative acrylics class called Elements of Abstract on Thursday mornings. Come play! Whether you're experienced with clay or a novice who wants to avoid bad habits, we've got you covered! Classes are Tuesday or Thursday with Jane Truesdale who will share her expertise in hand-building and get you started on the wheel. Paint & Party Get ready to uncork your creativity and have some fun! Gather up your besties or come solo and make new friends at one of our evening parties designed for those of us with more enthusiasm than talent! We supply paints, canvases, aprons, snacks and everything you need - except your beverage of choice! Next up is Beach Signs, July 5. Sorry, this class is sold out! July 19, Sailing Regatta and August 2, Sand Dunes. Children's Summer Fun Wednesdays, July 5 - 19 10 a.m. - 12 noon These fun morning classes are for children aged 6 - 12 years. A different project every week! July 5 Printmaking with easy-carve blocks; July 12 Marbling; July 19 Seascape painting, acrylic on canvas. Come to one class or all! Call 910.575.5999 to register. Artist Sterling Edwards 2018 Abstract Acrylics Instructor Sterling Edwards August 27 - 31 Take advantage of Sterling's many tips as he shares his experiences and daily demonstrations. Build layers of paint for rich color combinations. Includes calligraphy, splattering, lifting techniques and more! Additional info on the website! This workshop will be full. Sign up now. Sterling's

Cheryl Newby Gallery July - Aug

Gallery Artist's Show - featuring 9 artists represented by the gallery! July 8th - August 5th, 2017 Featured works - SUMMER DAY by Ray Ellis, Limited Edition Giclee Print 20" x 30" Gwen Marcus' newest work, Basket Weaver, a part of her Gullah Heritage series, is available for purchase. Give us a call to inquire! Also a photo of Daniel Ambrose between two of his sublime works and 3 paintings of Linda Arnold. Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00 - 5:00 and by appointment

Island Art Gallery

A recent stroll through the Island Art Gallery, Pawleys Island.